About us and this Guide series

We are the developers of ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) data recovery software. We work in the field of storage recovery since, eh, circa 1999. The news archive dates back to 2001 and mentions an early version of ZAR published in April, 2001. Taking into account the development cycle of about a year, and then the fact that by that time we had been already handling recoveries manually for a reasonably long time, that takes us back to the days of DOS.

As a part of our everyday job, we have to answer certain questions fairly often. We hence decided to create a sort of extended "Frequently Asked Questions" list. The purpose of this series is to provide some background information to show rationale behind the answers and recommendations we give, so instead of just instructing one to "cut the red wire", we can point them to the explanation as well. Still, you can read a particular guide start-to-end if you need to familiarize yourself with the subject.

This series of guides features the following topics