RAID recovery software comparison

We tested the most well-known RAID recovery software to see how they perform in an almost real-life environment. The following tools were tested:

  • DiskInternals - DiskInternals Raid Recovery version 2.7
  • Runtime - Runtime RAID Reconstructor version 4.02
  • ReclaiMe RAID - ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery build 301
  • R-Studio - R-Studio version 5.1
  • ZAR - Zero Assumption Recovery version 8.5

There were a couple of others which did not make it to our RAID recovery review because we were not able to make them work at all.

It should be noted that R-Studio is not a RAID recovery software. R-Studio can only work with healthy arrays or if you provide the RAID configuration parameters. Considering that the RAID-capable recovery tools are few and far between, we still decided to include R-Studio into our RAID recovery software test.

Parameter DiskInternals Runtime ReclaiMe
R-Studio ZAR
RAID types1 RAID 0,
Maximum number of disks2 No data Up to 14 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Missing disk in RAID 5? No3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delayed parity support? No data No Yes Yes No
Ease of use Complicated Easy Easy Complicated Moderate
Efficiency Low. We were not able to rebuild any but the very basic test disk sets. Good4 Good N/A Good but slow
Output capabilities5
  • Array parameters6
  • Write array to disk
Recovered files Recovered files
List price $249.95 $99 Free $79.99 $69.95

Note 1
RAID 10 and RAID 01 are supported in all cases as a special case of RAID 0.

Note 2
Vendor-provided information, not actually tested.

Note 3
Surprisingly true.

Note 4
Requires certain non-default settings to work effectively. It is often required to increase the number of sectors to scan or probe at least by the factor of ten.

Note 5
All the software is capable of creating the array image files, although maybe through a complicated procedure.

Note 6
Runtime RAID Reconstructor provides array parameters as a textual description.
ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery provides array parameters as an XML file to use with ReclaiMe data recovery software, or as instructions to use with either R-Studio or ZAR.